Purchasing a home protection plan can help cover many of the items in your home if something happens.


I am joined today by Jessica Wood from Old Republic Home Protection to talk to you about home protection plans and the process of getting one. Jessica helps us purchase home protection plans for our clients at the Radke Agency.
A home protection plan, or a home warranty, is an annually renewable limited service contract which covers major systems and appliances in the home due to normal wear and tear. This includes your water heater, kitchen appliances, plumbing, electrical, air conditioner, etc.
According to Jessica, many people do not realize that you can purchase a home protection plan at any time. It does not need to be when you purchase a new home. There does not need to be a purchase.
In fact, you can even buy a home warranty for the home you are selling. You may wonder why you would do this. Well, by offering a home warranty when selling, you can get top dollar for your house. In addition, there are three major benefits to offering a home warranty:
1. They separate you from your competition. If there is a house for sale down the street from yours that does not offer a home warranty, the buyer will be uneasy about purchasing that house. When buyers look at your house, the home warranty will give them peace of mind.
2. They cover all major mechanical issues. Buyers will be covered if any issues arise during the listing period and one year after closing.
3. They give you a competitive edge over new construction homes. All new home builders offer at least a one-year home warranty. If you want to compete with new construction homes, you need to offer a home warranty.

“Many people do not realize that you can purchase a home protection plan at any time.”

Coverage is very important to buyers and current owners, and a lot of important pieces of the home are covered. However, a home warranty does not cover things such as mold, natural disaster, and secondary damage which would be covered by a homeowner’s insurance claim.
Filing a claim for the items which are covered is pretty easy. You can file a claim online or contact the service department directly and provide your address or plan number if it is available. All you have to do is tell them what is going on and they set up a work order.
Work orders are then carried out by one of the many local contractors who is certified per trade. Each contractor has applied to be in the network, and they’re then vetted by the contractor relation department to make sure they are qualified to serve our plan holders.
What makes Old Republic Home Protection different from the competition? While there are some relevant and noteworthy differences in coverage, Jessica says that what makes them really shine is their service. Many home warranty companies offer similar prices and coverage, but Old Republic Home Protection provides exceptional coverage and service to their plan holders.
If you want to order a home protection plan with Jessica, you can visit their website at ORHP.com or call (800) 282-7131 to reach out directly. And, if you mention “Barbara and the Radke Agency,” you can even get an agent referral discount. If you are thinking about selling your house, she can go over the warranty and tell you what the coverage is and how much it costs. Most home warranties only cost a few hundred dollars.
 If you have any other questions about home warranties or about real estate in general, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.